The face to face meeting that makes all the difference

March 18, 2021

face to face meeting

‘The British people will be consumed once again with their desire for the genuine face to face meeting that makes all the difference.’

The Prime Minister’s recent quote endorsed the industry’s general feeling after what has been an eventful (or rather, uneventful!) 12 months. What we are all missing most is human interaction on every level, from an unmasked smile with a stranger on the street to a packed-out venue, shoulder to shoulder. 

The wonders of technology have been a saviour to some degree, allowing us all to communicate and keep things moving from our homes. The essentials get done, and some of us even achieve more than ever individually. Yet, for collaborative tasks, for those meetings that could never be an email, nothing beats getting together in person and creating ideas; a year behind our screens has shown us this. 

Strategizing and brainstorming need people in a room. Levels of communication are raised when ideas can be bounced off each other face-to-face and reactions can be gauged instantly. Knowledge is best shared and team bonds are best formed in person. Strong team dynamics ultimately shape creativity and solve problems, and innovation happens best when teams work closely together. 

This is why, however useful remote communication can be, there will always be a need for meeting face-to-face. Whether in a hybrid setting or with all invitees in attendance,  we are ready and raring to gather together again.

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