Here at 99 City Road we recognise the importance of operating in a sustainable way. Responsible, planet friendly practices are embedded into everything we do, so our clients can enjoy peace of mind when they choose us as their sustainable London conference venue.

In 2017 Inmarsat achieved a CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) score of B, demonstrating that we are managing our environmental impact well, and actively seeking ways to improve our performance in this area.

This is what we are doing to be environmentally friendly:


As a matter of course, we recycle a minimum of 90 percent of the waste we generate and we are always reviewing our processes to see if we can use more recycled products. In our 99 City Road head office 100 percent of our waste is diverted from landfill, with this policy having been in place for over a decade. We are also working with our caterers, Bennett Hay, to reduce our impact on the environment, by, for example, ensuring used cooking oils are converted into sustainable biofuels.


Making smart use of energy is part of the 99 City Road culture and it is something we are reviewing and improving upon at all times. Our headquarters are currently undergoing a refurbishment to help reduce energy consumption – we are replacing energy-intensive chillers with environmentally friendly machines which produce fewer carbon emissions and operate 20 percent more efficiently.

We are committed to using site based technology, such as video and audio conferencing whenever possible, in order to reduce business travel. We switch off lights, computers, phone chargers, and any other electrical items when they are not in use, and we use LED lighting.


Our top quality food, from award-wining hospitality partner Bennett Hay, is a key part of the 99 City Road service, and it is important to us that this side of our business is as sustainable and transparent as it can be. We are careful to use local, respected suppliers who care as much about sustainability and good practices as we do.

Local and seasonal

Most of our fruit and vegetables come from British farms, with the exception of citrus fruits.

We use fruit and vegetables that are in season, as locally sourced as possible, and design our menus accordingly. Nature’s Choice based in New Covent Garden Market is our fresh produce supplier. They are working closely with local farmers, helping them devise growing plans and operating in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. We also use Waste Knot, who are scaling muddy fields and decadent orchards to rescue as much surplus fresh produce as possible, so look out for our Waste Knot soups and smoothies.

Sustainable fish

We serve fish from sustainable stocks only. All species are rated 1-3 by the Marine Conservation Society (MSC). Put simply, it’s vital that we preserve species in our waters to ensure not only their own continued existence, but that of the entire food chain. The Upper Scale, our fish supplier from Billingsgate Market, holds a SALSA certificate (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) that guarantees peace of mind and full traceability. We try and buy as much fish as possible from British shores, this keeps the carbon footprint down to a minimum.

We buy finest smoked salmon from Goldstein Salmon in London, a supplier of salmon cures for over a century. Their fish are reared in the cool, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean under the strictest environmental standards.

Ethical meat

With the help of H.G Walter and IMS of Smithfield, we source our meat from small, passionate British farmers who use traditional, free-range farming methods. This ensures both quality and a unique and diverse range of breeds. We also use Cobble Lane Cured, a specialist butchery in Islington, for cured ham and salami made from meats supplied by a small selection of high-quality British producers and farmers. To keep our menu’s carbon footprint low, we avoid using beef and lamb and we only use British free-range chicken.

British dairy and eggs

We serve all our hot drinks with 100% British organic milk and offer plant-based alternatives including soya, almond, coconut and oat milks. Foodspeed, our dairy supplier, is a well-established and award-winning dairy merchant accredited by the Organic Food Federation. We also use Wildes Cheese a small artisan cheese making company based in the heart of the city on an industrial estate in Tottenham, North London. They have created their own range of cheeses using the amazing milk from a single herd of cows that graze the fields of Rye, East Sussex.

Our Cacklebean eggs are entirely free-range from Cackleberry Farm in Cotswolds. Run by Paddy and Steph Bourns, their rare breed flocks live in traditional chicken houses on 12 acres of land, with lots of perches.

Artisan bakery

We use Paul Rhodes Bakery from Greenwich, a leading independent bakery in London, specialising in handcrafted breads and pastries. They’ve gone back to the field, the farm and the miller to create a range of unique-tasting, handcrafted products using diverse grains from within the UK. They’ve prioritised the use of stone-ground flour, ensuring a much greater inclusion of bran and germ, which ultimately delivers more flavour, and a more nutritious loaf.

Field Notes – bespoke drinks collection

Field Notes is our premium hot drinks brand centred on the provenance of coffee, tea and hot chocolate it endorses. Our bespoke drinks collection includes our very own coffee blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Rainforest Alliance certified and roasted in London, a beautiful whole leaf tea selection from Canton, an independent premium tea merchant and award-winning hot chocolate by single origin from Kokoa Collection.

Other food lines supplied to Bennett Hay come from Bidfood, which offers Fairtrade, MSC, Rainforest Alliance, sustainably sourced products, as well as a range of recyclable and compostable non-food supplies, with packaging using a minimum of 60 percent recycled materials. They have been given the Green Wholesaler of the Year FWD (Federation of Wholesale Distributors) award four years running. Our Vivreau water system dispenses chilled water without the need for bottle packaging. 


Food waste is a major concern and it is something we have taken great strides to tackle here, by minimising waste at every stage.

We devise annual plans based on measurement to reach waste reduction goals and train our teams to actively drive our common objective of treading lightly in all we do.