September 19, 2016

Many of our conference clients take advantage of our extendable lounge area to host exhibitions.

It’s a great opportunity for brands to market themselves to a captive audience of full-day delegates. So what can companies do to make sure that their stand is visited, talked about and remembered?

Create and inviting space

Whether you’ve got a small table or a sizeable exhibition stand, ensure your space is welcoming and portrays the image you are trying to get across. Clever use of signage and imagery can draw your audience in. Avoid a backdrop that is too text heavy and difficult to read.

Conference stand at The Meetings Show
The 99 City Road Conference Centre Team at The Meetings Show

Be social

If you want to make a lasting impact at your stand and encourage interaction beyond the venue on social media, give visitors something to engage with. Whether you create a unique photo opportunity or encourage attendees to enter a competition via your social channels, you can guarantee your stand will be seen by a far wider audience. Make your social media identities visible and create an exhibition hashtag so the activity is more measurable.

Smart staffing

Make sure you have the right staff in place on the day. Are they fully briefed on your company’s key messages? Are they well informed about the brand? Can they answer difficult questions with confidence? If you’re not sure of the answer to any of these questions then think again about who will be representing you on the day.

If you haven’t exhibited before then consider training your stand staff before the big event. There are a number of courses available that will teach your team to be brand ambassadors and arm them with the skills needed to achieve your objectives.

You also need to bear in mind that staff will need to remain enthusiastic and engaging all day long so factor in breaks at quieter times or rotate your team throughout the day.

Achieve your objectives

What do you want to achieve at the exhibition? Set clear and measurable objectives in the planning stages of your event. If you are conducting a sales drive, display appropriate collateral and offer visitors something to take away with them. If you want to build your audience then think about how you will capture visitors’ details and how you will approach them following the event.

Take a 360º tour of our extendable lounge area to plan your next conference and exhibition.

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