How to Canvas Opinion at Your Next Event

July 28, 2020


One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged at a conference or event is to get them involved. We don’t mean asking everyone up on stage but rather finding out their thoughts and opinions during an event and letting the results help shape the discussion. Another way to engage your delegates is by finding out what they are interested in before the event. You could add a question as part of the registration process such as ‘tell us three topics that you are interested in exploring’ or ‘List 3 questions you want our speakers to answer during the event’.

This is more important than ever as we move towards combined physical and virtual events, known as ‘hybrid events’. Keeping an online audience involved and interested in the proceedings is particularly important as speakers are unable to judge the audiences’ energy when they are not in the room.

As a central London conference venue with an in-house AV team, we are well placed to work with clients to advise them on the best tools to use to create maximum audience engagement. We will also work with clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the event day, whether your audience is in the building or viewing the presentations remotely.

One tool that helps this process is called Mentimeter. This online presentation tool allows you to add questions, polls and quizzes that your audience can react to during an event. When you create a presentation a code will be generated that can be shared with your audience. They can then log on with the code to the Mentimeter site and participate in the event.

Another platform that also canvasses opinion is Vevox. This tool allows you to live poll your audience with multiple choices questions but also allows delegates to give live feedback in their own words. The responses are then gathered to generate a live word cloud. This is particularly effective for events where you need to crowd source ideas. Vevox integrates with Powerpoint so you don’t need to swap between screens during your presentations.

Event are changing rapidly at the moment and may look a bit different for some time to come but the principles of a good event remain the same. If delegates go away having learned something and organisers are better informed about the their delegates’ views and opinions then it has been a success.

If you would like more information about setting up a hybrid event then get in touch with our team today by emailing

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