How Eventprofs Can Use LinkedIn

February 4, 2020


LinkedIn has long been used by professionals as a more formal and work-related social platform. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with contacts and seeing what’s happening in your sector.

It’s also a really useful tool for Eventprofs, particularly with some new functionality that LinkedIn launched at the end of last year. So how can people working in the events industry use the platform to its fullest extent?

First of all, it’s a great space to publicise an event. If you are an admin of your organisation’s page then write an engaging post about your event with all of the key information including date and times, location, speakers and crucially, how to book. Provide a link to your booking page and ask everyone in your organisation to share this post amongst their own networks.

If you have an exciting line-up of speakers who have a large following on LinkedIn then you could ask them to share information about your event too. To elevate your event even further you could create some special content for LinkedIn such as a video clip of your speaker saying what they are going to be talking about and what they’re looking forward to at the event. If your speaker is particularly influential then this could encourage ticket bookings from an already engaged audience.

In late 2019, LinkedIn launched a new ‘Events’ feature that allows you to create, share and invite people to your event in the same way that you have been able to on Facebook for some time. You can then share this link on other platforms to encourage bookings. At the moment, this is a free to use feature and you can invite as many of your connections as you like. If you want to invite people that you haven’t connected with then you will need to upgrade to a Premium account.

LinkedIn is also a great way of learning about other events, from small scale networking events through to larger conferences. You can keep an eye on competitors and learn about trends through following hashtags.

Finally, it’s also a superb resource for finding your next role within the events industry. According to Kinsta, a study by Statistic Brain Research Institute found that 122m people received an interview through LinkedIn with 35.5m having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.

We’ve recently joined LinkedIn ourselves and you can follow us here.

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