Event Success? The Proof of the Pudding is in the Metrics

December 12, 2016

Many of the seasoned event organisers we work with have an antenna which tells them how well an event has gone, but of course, the proof of the pudding is in the metrics.

Our own experience and that of the many event organisers we work with tells us there are any number of measures you can put in place to gather the raw data you need to accurately assess how successful your event was.

These measures and tools can be your ears to the ground regarding every detail, including how much press interest you garnered, how much social media buzz the event attracted, how many tickets were sold, how effective the speakers were and whether attendees are likely to engage with the organisers after the last coffee cup has been cleared and the last goodie bag has been carried back to the office.

Whatever event management tool you have in place, be it Eventbrite, Evite, Configio, or another, make sure you familiarise yourself fully with your system in advance so you are using all of its functions to help you collect meaningful, useable data.

Put in place a robust registration system and much of your data collection work will be done for you. Similarly, a short, carefully-worded feedback form will help you judge the success of your event, how engaged the attendees were, and how you can keep in touch with them.

An event app like Whova will let attendees leave feedback, it will also allow you to make any announcements relevant to your event before, during, and afterwards and it will help you keep valuable records, such as scanning, storing or exchanging business cards.

In our experience, one of the most reliable ways to gauge whether attendees enjoyed your event, felt enthused about what you had to offer, and were keen to maintain a long-term relationship with you is to ask them. Create a meaningful survey – easily done through Mailchimp or Survey Monkey – asking people for feedback on key aspects of the event.

If you give people the option to answer ‘on a scale on one to five’ this makes the survey quick and simple for them to complete so you are more likely to get a high response rate. Make sure you issue your survey while your big day is still fresh in their minds – ideally within 24 hours.

Social media has become an instant window into people’s thoughts and feelings, so make full use of its many metrics to get to the raw data behind the chatter. Make the most of Facebook event pages, LinkedIn’s far-reaching networks and savvy hashtags.

Media coverage is valuable to every business event and this can be monitored quite simply by using Google Alerts, or by subscribing to a dedicated cuttings service such as Kantar.

Whether you’re new to event planning or a seasoned pro, our experienced event management team can help you not only get the most out of the event itself but also help you understand how you can improve your next event by using these types of tools and techniques.

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