Event registration made easy at 99 City Road Conference Centre

June 13, 2019

conference delegate registration system

Gone are the days when people register for events by filling out paper registration forms and sacrificing a perfectly good envelope and stamp! Not only is it old school, but it’s inefficient. A streamlined process makes registration a snap for both attendees and event planners. 

Any event planner will agree that the registration process is a fairly simple yet vital part of any event. The registration is where you obtain raw data to ensure the remainder of the planning turns out smoothly. If the registration process is as simple as a few clicks and filling a few blocks of information, then it stands to reason that you might just get a higher registration response rate.

Here at 99 City Road Conference Centre we offer a system called Q-Flow which is an online check-in platform for conference venues which shows event organisers who has arrived and when. If you are pre-badging for your event we will upload your list with security pass numbers and then preloaded it on to the system. If you decide not to pre-badge, we will upload your attendee list and input the pass information as each delegate arrives.

Using this system allows us to add people on the day, check people in and run real time guest list searches. As Tess Coleman at EMAP commented, “The Q-Flow system really helped to quickly check the numbers we had reached and who was in attendance”.

At the end of your event we can even send you a report which will include delegate check in information. As we are a fully GDPR complaint conference venue, we will only send this report to the main organiser and then delete it completely from our conference centre systems.With all these functions, and more, to help your event go as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to ask us about Q-Flow when you’re looking to book your next event in Central London.

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