Energy & Environmental Policy

Worldwide, Inmarsat has over 450 staff and we also have tenants within our headquarters in London. Due to the size and nature of our activities, it is not surprising that we have some impact on the local and global environment. However, it should be noted that the satellite industry and certainly Inmarsat, is extremely low on the scale of carbon generators.

Some of these environmental impacts include the use of natural resources, the consumption of energy and water, the generation of a variety of waste materials, and staff and visitor travel.

Inmarsat has made a corporate commitment to improving its environmental performance by producing an Energy and Environmental policy, endorsed by the CEO and Executive Management Board.

Our vision is to ensure that we do not have any detrimental effect on the environment through our business operations.

Our mission is to adopt and adhere to the following principles:

  • Provide first class energy and environmental management practices
  • Comply with all relevant global environmental legislation and regulatory controls
  • Identify significant environmental and social impacts and establish objectives and targets for improvement
  • Recycle a minimum of 90 per cent of generated waste materials and constantly review the opportunity to use recycled products
  • Actively encourage the conservation of energy, water and natural resources through the increased efficiency and introduction of new and modern technology
  • Encourage all employees to be proactive in:
    • Separating their rubbish into re-cyclable (dry) and non-recyclable (wet) waste receptacles
    • Ensuring printer cartridges are recycled
    • Switching off lights, computers, phone chargers and any other electrical items not in use
    • Trying to reduce business travel and use more site based technology such as video and audio conferencing
  • Audit the Company’s activities against this policy to confirm environmental improvement

The Property and Facilities Department has responsibility for implementing our Energy and Environmental policy throughout the business. The success of this policy will be reviewed on a regular basis with the development of appropriate action plans.

Bryan Knope
Head of Property and Facilities