September 19, 2016

Social media and digital tools have done so much to transform the way eventprofs work that the digital boom could have been created with them in mind.

It is vital that venues do all they can to support event professionals in helping things to run smoothly on an event day. Providing access to reliable and speedy Wifi and by keeping abreast of the latest tools favoured by event organisers can be key to a successful event. Venues need to be talking the same language as eventprofs when it comes to digital tools and we at 99 City Road do everything we can to keep on the cutting edge.

Here are some of the most useful apps and digital tools that savvy event organisers keep in their ‘back pocket’.

The Eventbrite Organiser App.

This free tool helps you track sales in real-time so you can make up-to-the-minute marketing decisions. While you are at your event, you can set the app to run on multiple devices to check-in attendees. Managing check-in digitally gives you real-time data, showing you how many guests have arrived, and when and where they’re checking-in.

Google Spaces

Spaces is a social networking/messaging app designed for small group conversations, so it is an ideal social sharing platform for key team members working on an event. You can post links, pictures, YouTube videos and more, to group conversations.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to create a calendar from a spreadsheet, typing out every tweet or message you plan to send during the promotion of your conference, then sharing it with all parties involved. So – no more saving and emailing documents, then getting confused about which one is the most recent.


Heavily favoured by the younger generation on a social level, it turns out that Snapchat is a handy tool for event organisers too, particularly if you get to grips with its Story function. This allows you to create videos and images charting the progress of the preparation for your event, to create that all-important buzz.

The Big Three

Eventprofs still lean heavily on tried-and-tested Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to help their events run smoothly, even though there are a host of shiny new tools out there.

Facebook is a simple, effective and user-friendly way to rally support and attendees from your target audience. It is also has the highest amount of users of all the social networks.

Since most Twitter profiles are public, it is easy to identify, follow, and interact with people who might be interested in attending your event. And careful use of hashtags and rich content pays dividends.

No business to business event should go ahead without a Linkedin presence. This is where your audience is likely to be found online and this is where they will be looking for regular news about your events and innovations.

Talk to us today about the digital requirements for your event – we’ll be happy to help!

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