Bespoke Conference Catering Delivered by 99 City Road

April 10, 2019

Peach Melba Smoothies at 99 City Road Conference Centre

We’re often praised for the quality of our conference catering thanks to our diverse menus and our attention to detail. While most conference organisers find a menu to match their needs, we always encourage clients to think outside of the box when it comes to their event catering and to work with us to create something bespoke.

We recently worked with a client to create a very special menu for their event. The North London Waste Authority (NLWA)held a conference here in March focussing on re-imagining waste and moving away from single use towards a circular economy. 

As part of their remit to help residents in North London to reduce their household waste, the NLWA produced a cookbookwith recipes designed to reduce food waste and save more money. The recipes in the book focus on re-purposing leftover food into new dishes to avoid food being unnecessarily thrown away.

For their event at 99 City Road, NLWA asked if we could adapt some of the dishes from the cookbook to serve for the delegates, helping to bring the cookbook to life and showcase the delicious food that can be made using leftover and store cupboard ingredients. Our head chef, Adam Davenport, enjoyed the challenge and chose to serve the following dishes:

  • Three Tin Curry – a vegan dish made with coconut milk, chickpeas and baked beans
  • Panzanella with mozzarella – an Italian inspired dish made with left-over bread, tomatoes, onion and capers
  • Ginger and Cashew Fried Rice with Chicken – an Asian-inspired chicken dish with vegetables, ginger and soy sauce
  • Bread and Butter Pudding – a classic dessert made better with bread that’s a little stale
  • Peach Melba – made with tinned peaches and soya yoghurt

Adam chose these dishes as they gave a range of tastes and flavours as well as being suitable for people with dietary requirements. Although different to what he would normally serve, Adam enjoyed re-creating these dishes and delegates were impressed with the quality of the food.

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