A Day in the Life of an Events Coordinator at 99 City Road

July 24, 2019

Charlotte Reynolds - Event Coordinator

This is the first of a series of blogs that will focus on ‘a day in the life of’ one of our team of experienced, friendly event professionals who help make 99 City Road the best conference venue in Central London.

There’s no such thing as a typical day here at 99 City Road. The vast array of different clients and types of events promises that no two days will be the same. I treat all of our clients as individuals and I love preparing personalised operation schedules to ensure that all boxes are ticked, and that every event goes smoothly from the start.

On an event day, I will usually start between 7am and 8 am, depending on how early the client will arrive. I’ll show the client around the conference venue to refresh their memory of where everything is located and to ensure that they are happy with the layout and presentation. I’ll check in with the exhibitors to make sure that they’re settling in well, and then introduce the client to the AV team and caterers for one last run through. Then everything is a-go! I’ll be the client’s main point of contact, helping where I can and trouble-shooting any problems before they can impact the event.

As you might expect from such a busy conference venue, the working environment is incredibly fast-paced, which means that there’s always new things to learn and I’m never bored. The customer service element is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role, as completing tasks and solving problems for clients gives me a real sense of achievement. It’s also very fun when clients want something different or unusual at their event – recently one event even had a chocolate fountain, it was awesome!

There isn’t just one event that I’ve worked on that I could call my favourite, but there have been several recently that I really enjoyed. Both Future Net and Hackathon held events here that completely transformed the venue with their branding and design, and were really fun to help bring to life.

For me, the most important rule that I follow is to always respond to clients as soon as I possibly can. Even if the query isn’t event related, replying straight away means that I can help them progress their events quicker and make their life easier. My top tip is really just to stay calm and trust in your planning; in typical London fashion, keep calm and carry on!

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