99 City Road Conference Centre Donates 1,700 Portions of Food in 6 Months

November 28, 2019


99 City Road Conference Centre is celebrating the success of its partnership with food sharing platform Olio. Since March this year the venue has donated 1,700 portions of food that would have previously been destined to go to waste.

The waste-conscious venue started working with the team behind food sharing app, Olio, earlier this year and the results have been impressive. In total 720kg of food have been saved and 3,080kg of CO2 has been diverted. This represents the sum of greenhouse gasses required to replace the food, plus the greenhouse gasses released if the food went to landfill.

Charlotte Kain, acting conference centre manager at 99 City Road Conference Centre comments: “I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved since starting to work with Olio in March. Due to the nature of the event industry, food waste is always an issue and it’s something that we’ve closely monitored for many years at 99 City Road. When I found out about Olio I thought it would be the perfect solution and would allow us to give our unused food away to those who need it the most.

“I’m really passionate about sustainability and feel that as a venue, we’re tackling environmental issues head on. Our work with Olio has meant that we’ve also saved more than half a million litres of water* and we’ve provided food to more than 180 local recipients.”

Olio connects businesses and neighbours to share surplus food and prevent unnecessary wastage. Through its app, businesses can alert local neighbours about leftover food that can be collected. This could be anything from a loaf of bread through to larger scale quantities of food. The food is typically taken by locally-run charities and other good causes.

99 City Road Conference Centre is one of the first event venues in the UK to work with Olio and share its surplus food in this way. Charlotte is hoping to inspire other people working in the events industry to follow suite. She continues: “Our results speak for themselves and show that we’ve not only reduced our impact on the environment, but we’ve also helped nearly 200 local causes to feed 1,700 people. As event professionals, we all aware of the high levels of waste produced by the sector and we all have our part to play in finding new and innovative ways of reducing our impact. I would encourage others to consider working with Olio to tackle food waste reduction.”

For more information on 99 City Road Conference Centre or Olio visit www.99cityroad.com or www.olioex.com

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