Venue Branding

In addition to your own portable branding displays, such as pop-up and roll-up banner stands, 99 City Road provides a number of opportunities for you to display your branding at fixed points within the venue.

Constellation Room Branding



A and B have a mechanism which hold the supplied prints. This mechanism coves 20mm of the edge of the image on all four sides.

Please do not put text or images closer than 20mm to the edge of the print artwork. The dimensions shown to the left are the trim size of the panels.

The branding panels can accommodate a maximum thickness of 3mm.

C and D The presentation format is 16:9 . The slide show cannot be a static image and the length of each slide can last for up to 10 seconds.

Lounge Stairwell Branding


28 Glass panels forming the atrium balcony are available to have your branding applied. Branding can be applied using a removable grade vinyl film. There is a maximum size per pane of 540mm W x 665mm H.

Central Staircase Edge Branding


Wrapping around the inside of the central staircase void, branding can be applied using a removable grade adhesive, digitally printed vinyl.