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How To Survive and Thrive in Conference Season

Monday, November 27, 2017

We are stepping into without doubt the busiest time of year in the event industry. The autumn sees all major political parties holding their annual conferences and most major trade bodies, sector organisations and large companies hosting their yearly gatherings. If you are in the driving seat to deliver a perfect event then take a look at our top tips for surviving and thriving in conference season.

Get energised

It’s highly likely that you’ll be burning the candle at both ends during conference season. From double and triple checking everything the night before a conference begins through to being the first person through the doors ready to welcome delegates – you’re going to be working long hours. Don’t reach for sugary snacks to keep you going. Eat little and often, drink water and keep moving. And remember – coffee is your friend!

Get organised

You’ll need to be on top of your game during conference season as there are so many events and tasks to juggle. Our event coordinator, Charlotte Reynolds, has been known to redecorate our office with wall plans and multiple reminder post-its. Take a look at these useful event planning tools to keep you on track.

Take breaks

Plan ahead to ensure that you and your event team can take regular breaks throughout the day. We are lucky at 99 City Road to have an amazing, award-winning catering team on site who prepare delicious food for our staff. It’s amazing how a ten-minute sit down and a plate of hot food can re-charge your batteries.

Work as a team

We’ve all heard it said that teamwork is dream work and that’s never truer than during conference season. Surround yourself with skilled individuals that you can rely on and your event will run much more smoothly. Conference season is not the time to experiment with new ideas or bed in new team members. Go with your strongest team and don’t forget to celebrate with them after it’s all over.

And one final piece of advice – wear flat shoes. Running around your conference venue is no fun in heels!

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