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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

There are many positives for eventprofs to use a blank canvas venue. By booking a venue without many distinguishing architectural features and rigid room set ups, event organisers can really put their own stamp on a space.

99 City Road Conference Centre is very much a blank canvas venue. We have seen our conference and event spaces transformed for a range of different uses by a diverse set of clients. From large scale conferences and exhibitions through to smaller seminars and meetings, there is plenty that event organisers can do to ensure their identity stands out.


A blank canvas venue gives you the opportunity to splash your branding wherever you would like without competing for space with other features.

We have produced a handy guide for event organisers with suggested branding locations and dimensions so you can produce something bespoke to fit the space. These include key points within our premier conference area, the Constellation Suite, as well as key locations including the lounge and central spiral staircase.

Vinyl graphics are also a great way to transform an area without wasting valuable space. LED screens are also very effective for displaying your brand as well as other imagery and video with sound to enhance the experience.

Staging and stands

Having a stage in a venue can really focus your delegates attention. At 99 City Road, we offer staging in our Constellation Suite with additional branding options but we recognise that some clients choose to bring their own staging into other areas such as the Lounge and the extended Alexander Graham Bell Suite. A blank canvas venue will allow you to build your own staging where you feel it is appropriate and give you free reign to brand the space too.

We also recommend bringing in a build company to build your stand as they don’t just build and install, they design the stand to ensure it delivers results – it also goes a long way to reducing your blood pressure!

Our event team are always on hand to provide consultancy and help make your vision a reality.


Whether you go for something dramatic for a product launch or something entirely more subtle for a daytime conference, lighting can contribute towards the ambience of an event. From creating panels of coloured light in your brand’s colours through to ensuring your speakers have the right levels of spotlight throughout their speeches, you should take the time to consider what lighting options are available to you. We’ve seen here at 99 City Road how the pillars in our lounge area can be transformed for drinks receptions with simple uplighters.

So, if you’re looking to really put your brand’s stamp on your next event, with a blank canvas venue the possibilities are endless.

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