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Friday, August 18, 2017

With technological advances making day-to-day interests instantaneous and tailored and delegates being more tech savvy and discerning than ever, what are delegates looking for at a conference?

We know delegates are increasingly expecting more and more from conferences and they each want to feel the conference has been a personal experience for them and not just another day.

In our years of experience here at 99 City Road, it’s all about personalisation and ensuring the delegates’ wellbeing throughout the day. The first step is an extremely simple one – hire a space which stimulates the senses with lots of natural light and plenty of space for relaxing breakouts. This sets the tone for a productive yet relaxed environment.

As always, food is of paramount importance and having healthy and energy boosting options should be standard at any event. Our in-house caterers Elior UK strive to provide food options which keep your delegates awake and focused – no one expects a productive afternoon after gorging on fats, sugars and heavy carbs at lunchtime!

Ensuring speakers are relevant is another important factor as is ensuring their talks are interactive. Delegates are no longer content to sit and take notes all day long, so introduce games, tasks and team building exercises to give delegates a chance to engage with each other and reduce the risk of feelings of isolation and boredom. Interaction is a proven formula for almost all events and there is a raft of new conference technology such as, an audience participation tool, to help you interact with your delegates in a fun and engaging way.

The mere thought of staging a conference somewhere without high speed Wi-Fi should set alarm bells ringing. In a world of continually growing connectivity, the vast majority of delegates will be using at least two devices and will demand instantaneous connectivity. Book a conference centre with an in-house tech team on hand so you can ensure your delegates thrive in an interactive and stimulating environment.

Last but certainly not least, accessibility of your event plays an important role in how attractive it is to delegates. Staging your conference somewhere that is easily accessible to major transport links will certainly help encourage delegate registration.

At 99 City Road, we pride ourselves on our location and excellent transport links being situated directly outside Old Street tube and rail station on Silicon roundabout. With a capacity to hold 300 people, a great level of wifi connectivity complete with an in-house tech team for peace of mind, delicious food prepared by our award-winning in-house caterers, why not give us a call to see how we can help your next event be a success?

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